Advance Care Directives: Important Tips to Remember

Advance Care Directives: Important Tips to Remember

Nowadays, people have the freedom to make an advance care directive, a legally binding document that is often necessary for patients in a universal hospice care of Southfield, MI. Through an advance care directive, you’re able to tell the doctor (or your family members) what you want and don’t want while you’re still able to do so.

Preparing this document is a wise choice. But you also have to remember some points about it to optimize its use. Here are some important tips to remember about advance care directives:

  • States have different policies when it comes to regulating directives. Therefore, it’s better to have a lawyer prepare the advance directives for you.
  • The directive will name your health care proxy – the person who will advocate for you when disagreements arise over your universal home care or nursing care in Southfield, MI. Ensure that this person has updated copies of your directive.
  • Provide your doctors, health care team, and other medical providers with a copy of your directives. This way, they’ll know what to refer to when they’re making a care plan for you.
  • If you have multiple residences and each of these residences is located in different states, consider preparing advance care directives in each state.
  • Remember that you can update, modify, and cancel your directives following state laws.

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