Different Examples of Help You May Not Realize You Are Doing


Our family and friends are important to us. We do what we can to show we care. It is a person’s innate desire to help provide solutions for those they care about. Unfortunately, we do not have all the right answers all the time. There are situations without any solution.

When our loved one is diagnosed with a terminal condition, all hope seems lost. But we continue to exhaust our resources and when all these do not bear fruit, caring at the end of life through Hospice Care in Southfield, Michigan can at least provide a memorable and comfortable experience for the loved one.

This does not mean you can no longer help. There are many forms of care that are not necessarily tied up to medical solutions and treatment.

Here are some examples of how you can help your loved ones in their final moments.

  • Listen
    Your loved one may be feeling overwhelmed. Let them know you are ready to listen to anything they want to say.
  • Ask
    Take the initiative and ask your loved ones how they may be feeling and if they need anything. This can start an engaging discussion.
  • Suggest
    Encourage your loved one by offering activities you can enjoy together. Make recommendations on hobbies or tasks to do.

You see, it’s simple and easy to help your terminally ill loved one. When you need Nursing Care in Michigan, our care providers are ready to assist.

We also offer hospice care in Southfield for anyone who needs it.

Universal Hospice Care Inc. continues to deliver the care that you need most. Looking for additional support? We provide Respite Care, too!

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