The Four Areas of Hospice Care


Hospice care is provided for terminally ill people who have given up on seeking treatment. It aims to provide care and comfort until their final days. The care services focus on four areas—physical comfort, mental and emotional needs, spiritual issues, and practical tasks. It also includes providing support for the patient’s loved ones in their time of family bereavement. These four areas are the following:

  • Providing Physical Comfort. Pain is commonly felt by terminally ill people as they reach the end of their life. Administering the proper pain medication to make them comfortable is one of the responsibilities of our nursing care in Michigan.
  • Managing Mental and Emotional Needs. Someone who is aware that they are dying can feel anxious or depressed. Having a counselor to help them talk about their feelings is advised. The family members can also seek help from counselors on how to accept the situation they are faced with.
  • Addressing Spiritual Needs. People who are terminally ill may want to seek peace with the people they are going to leave behind. If they are religious, they may want to speak with a priest, minister, or rabbi. Our hospice care in Southfield, Michigan offers spiritual counseling for clients who may need it.
  • Helping with Practical Tasks. Taking care of a sick loved one can be challenging. Our caregivers can also help you with practical tasks. We also offer respite care services to give your family caregiver time to take a break.

Universal Hospice Care Inc. aims to make your sick loved one’s final days as comfortable and meaningful as possible. We also want to support the family members during this difficult time.

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