The Ideal Hospice Team

The Ideal Hospice Team

Most of us are struggling to juggle our time between our family and other responsibilities. This is one of the reasons that can make taking care of a terminally ill loved one challenging. Moreover, our sick loved one’s health condition would require expert medical knowledge and skills. Having this in mind, Universal Hospice Care Inc. has put together a hospice team that consists of members that address different areas in comfort care/palliative care. Our team members are the following:

  • Physician.
    Our doctors determine the plan of care by assessing the patient and recommending the appropriate course of treatment. They also prescribe the appropriate medication for pain and symptoms management.
  • Registered nurse.
    Our nurses implement the plan of care. They are also responsible for medication administration, pain management, and patient monitoring. They can also provide respite care while your family caregiver is taking a break.
  • Home health aide.
    Our certified aides help with providing personal care to your sick loved one. Our nurses supervise and work together with them to provide the best possible nursing care in Michigan.
  • Social worker.
    Our social workers offer services such as case management, referral to community resources, counseling, and bereavement support, among others.
  • Pastors and clergies.
    Spiritual and emotional support may also be provided by pastors and clergies, depending on the patient’s spiritual beliefs.

These people who make up our team are motivated and passionate to provide quality and reliable hospice care in Southfield, Michigan.

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